Mountains, snow & yaks..

We first came across yaks when trekking in the Himalayas in Nepal and fell in love with their docile nature and beautiful thick coats.

They are an integral part of mountain life, used for transport, milk, protein, dung for fuel and wool.

Once a year in the spring time they naturally shed their winter coat. With the help of brushing, the wool is collected, hand-spun, hand-dyed and hand-woven into blankets, shawls and throws.

Each blanket is unique in design, colour and texture, bringing with it some of the spirit of the yak.  Very rarely are two the same and that is what we love about them!

We design our blankets and work directly with the producers in Nepal. All our items are hand-made and woven on traditional looms. We have a wide range of colours and patterns, including natural, un-dyed shawls in faun, beige, brown and white, pastel colours and bright shawls. Our collection is constantly evolving as we come up with new ideas, colours and designs.

They are popularly used as shawls, bed and sofa throws or simply a warm winter blanket. Throws have also been bought as textile pieces to transform into curtains, wall hangings, rugs and bags.

Maya Crafts supports Fair Trade ethics, working directly with the manufacturers and valuing the honest and creative relationship we have established.